Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the class would be that it was an interesting course that allowed me to dive deeper into drawing from direct observation. I have taken three art AP courses throughout my years in high school, but I have never completed so much work in just one course. A lot of the techniques that were gone over throughout the class were techniques I already heard about and executed. Although, having this refresher has increased my art skills in just these few months. I have now executed most, if not all of the techniques dealing with line and that will help me during my years at MCA. The work in the class was quite tedious but I guess practice makes perfect. I have spent countless hours working on each project and some have caused sleep depravation but I am content with what I have accomplished this semester. As a freshman, I have produced some nice work, but I need to push further beyond my limits in order to really make a statement about my work. Overall, the class itself was a great experience. I got to meet new people and view their artistic style and it provided great insight on how i should treat my own work. I believe that this class prepared me for the dangers of Drawing II and hopefully I'll have a great time in that class as well.

Cross Hatching Analysis